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Stem Cell Platform


Stem cell platform

Opexa has also developed a proprietary adult stem cell technology to produce monocyte-derived stem cells (MDSC) from blood. These MDSC can be derived from a patient's monocytes, expanded ex vivo, and then administered to the same patient. Our initial focus is the further development of this monocyte-derived stem cell technology as a platform for the in vitro generation of highly specialized cells for potential application in autologous cell therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus.

A proprietary in vitro process has been developed to derive MDSC from blood monocytes, expand them ex vivo, and then convert them to MDIs for transplantation into the hepatic main portal vein of diabetic patients. The Company believes that because this is an adult autologous therapy there should be no rejection issues therefore avoiding the use of anti-rejection drugs.

We believe we have demonstrated that the MDSCs are multipotent stem cells that may be cultured under defined conditions to convert them into several cellular lineages. The diabetes program is in an early (pre-clinical) development stage.